Adopted: God’s Plan “A”

ISBN: 978-1937756796

Author: Aaron N. Hartman


Dr. Aaron N. Hartman began work on his seminary degree at Reformed Theological Seminary while practicing medicine in the US Air Force. It was during this time he and his wife, Rebekah, adopted Anna and Abigail out of the Florida foster system, and Dr. Hartman first began to grasp the significance of the doctrine of adoption. Late in 2008, one of his wife’s friends, in referencing her own adoption of a child, referred to it as God’s “Plan B.” In that instant, while playing with Anna, he was seized by the realization that our adoption by God was, in fact, His sovereign plan from the beginning of time; therefore, adopting fatherless children is also nothing less than God’s “Plan A.”

Dr. Hartman spent the following year writing his thesis on the doctrine of adoption. In Adopted: God’s “Plan A”, he shows how integral this doctrine is to our understanding of the gospel. The call of James 1:27 is for those who have been redeemed and adopted by the Father to reflect his image through care of the orphan. Such a response is grace driven, Gospel proclaiming, and God glorifying.


“The biblical doctrine of adoption is sadly neglected in much of today’s Christian reflection. Dr. Hartman understands—theologically and personally—the importance of this doctrine to the church’s life and witness. He provides an accessible survey of the Scripture’s teaching on adoption and calls the church to think carefully about what it means to live in light of that teaching. His accounts of his own experiences with biological adoption both round out and commend this work, both to fellow travelers and to newcomers to these issues. May this work help you better to grasp what it means to be and to live as a “son of the living God.”
-Guy Waters, MDiv, PhD, associate professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Aaron places a human side on God’s doctrine of adoption. There is no greater love than sacrificial love, and adoptive love is an act of sacrifice toward one in need of a loving father. Aaron is able to make that kind of love very clear as an adopting father.”
–Roberto Pena, founder and president, Seeds of Hope Brazil

“This book has implications that could radically alter modern American culture! The theology is airtight and the perspective is poignant, clear, and so very personal. This is one book the church at large needs to begin to live out.”
–Greg Dumas, lead pastor, The Crossing Church, Tampa, Florida

“To expound on the theology of adoption with any authority, you need the wisdom of one who has carefully studied the subject from God’s perspective and then been moved by the Gospel to practice it. Aaron takes us through the whole of scripture on the subject of our adoption into God’s family and blends it with his own story of adopting. The reader is not spared the heartbreak that he and his wife Becky have experienced in adopting. Joy triumphs over sorrow. Compassionate. Loving. Well written. This is theology with boots on!”
–Mike Minter, teaching pastor, Reston Bible Church

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