Alabaster Vases, a novel by Catherine Finger

ISBN: 9781940269429

Author: Catherine Finger


After suffering years of abuse at the hands of her vindictive husband, Police Chief Josie Oliver is finally ready to walk away. But he’s bent on leaving her first and destroying everything she cares about on his way out. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, she’s been asked by the FBI to consult on the case of the Little Sister Serial Killer, with the help of her old flame Nick Vitarello.

Tormented by an evil presence beyond her comprehension, Josie fights to make sense of the invisible, dark terrors that plague her, and to find her way back to hope. As a cop, she’s seen it all, so how can she trust there’s a good God in such a cruel world? If He exists, can He restore her marriage?

Just when she begins to trust Him, the manhunt for the killer turns personal when he sets his sights on Josie and kidnaps the foster child she hopes to adopt. Yet there’s still another, more nefarious enemy stalking her, and this one is poised to consume her soul. Fighting for her marriage, her faith, and her fate, Chief Josie is confronted by an adversary who only God can conquer—if she decides to let him in.

“This skillfully crafted suspense story of a police chief tracking a serial killer will have you on the edge of your seat. Readers will root for Josie as she struggles to do the right thing, not only in her relationships, but as she searches for answers about God. In Alabaster Vases, Catherine Finger has created a feisty heroine in Chief Josie Oliver as well as a cast of fascinating supporting characters. Looking forward to Catherine’s next book in the series.” –Patricia Bradley, award-winning author of Shadows of the Past

“As a pastor I rarely see characters in books or on screen who wrestle with God in a way that feels like what I see every day. Alabaster Vases is the rare exception, a world where spirituality is real but not easy, where the tragedies and triumphs of life work together to form a cohesive whole. I recommend it to anyone who has wrestled with God … and loves a good mystery!”–Gary Ricci, pastor of New Hope Christian Community, Round Lake Heights, IL

“The Glock-toting, heel-wearing, justice-driven heroine in Alabaster Vases had me from the start. Unrelenting action and witty dialogue kept me loving this ride-along, until the very last page. I strongly recommend this book. “–Joseph Sugarman, chairman of BluBlocker Sunglass Corporation

Author Bio

Like her heroine, Police Chief Jo Oliver, Dr. Catherine Finger is committed to protect and serve. But instead of handcuffs and handguns, she uses her wit and wisdom as a high school superintendent and a community volunteer in her hometown of Grayslake, Illinois. Catherine is passionate about sharing God’s truth through her fiction. Alabaster Vases is her debut novel and the first in her Murder with a Message series.

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