Berg Farm

Author: Jim Hodge


Berg Farm tells the story of two brothers in the mid 1960’s who face the reality of being in the military during a time of war. Johnny is quiet, self-effacing, and reliable; he trusts God to see him through. Clark is brash, shallow and self-serving. Two brothers: same background, yet very different from each other. How will they respond to their times?

The brothers belong to a well-grounded Christian family, and are fifth generation Wisconsin dairy farmers of Norwegian heritage. The setting is the real-life town of Stoughton, where being Norwegian is considered bliss, which lends some dry humor to this story of heartache and triumph. The family’s deep character allows them to persevere through a land dispute; the loss of a beloved family member, and the unexpected loss of a son.

Through Berg Farm, the author shows the commitment of God to each of His children, despite their failures. The book also shows the importance of the Holy Spirit for each person in order to respond to life. Underneath it all, the value of the Bible and the family reinforces what it takes to pass on cherished commitments…regardless of the circumstances.