Chasing Moments

Author: Ed Malone


Will I Live Life Or Simply Exist? by Ed Malone

“Chasing Moments is a must read for every Christian and for anyone seeking a more meaningful existence.”
—John Polhill, senior professor of New Testament interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Acts, New American Commentary and Paul and His Letter

What gives life meaning? Is it the number of stamps in your passport? Is it the photos and stories you accumulated while living for yourself? What do all the concerts, sporting events, restaurant tabs, and vacations add up to? While momentarily pleasurable, we are left with vague memories, credit card debt, and not much else. Many of us ask—is this all there is to life?

There is nothing wrong with spending a little time and money to enjoy ourselves. God delights in our happiness. It is when we start pursuing the worldly standards of a successful existence that we ultimately end up feeling empty and lost. In Chasing Moments, author Ed Malone shows us we are more than mindless beings looking for the next good time. We all have a greater purpose through the service of Christ.

If you have fallen into the trap of Chasing Moments, Malone’s teachings offer insight, encouragement, and biblical principles for a spiritual adjustment and a new attitude toward a God-filled existence. He urges: Do not let the world dictate the value of our lives by its standards of fun, but let Christ be the ruler of your time and money.

If you surrender your moments to Him, you will see the moments you were chasing have come to you.