Church Structure that Works 2nd Edition

Author: Bill Blanchard


Some of the biggest challenges that pastors and church leaders face are rooted in a non-biblical church structure. These challenges lead to low morale and discouragement, and they can drain enthusiasm and kill vision faster than almost anything else. This book shows you how to build an effective biblical church structure so that troubling dysfunction can be transformed into a healthy environment. Additionally, a model Constitution and Bylaws, scrutinized by an attorney who specializes in church and denominational litigation, is provided for others to inculcate into their respective ministries.

Pastors, missionaries, church planters, college and seminary professors, church leaders and church members will be greatly helped by reading and applying this book, which combines biblical scholarship with the practical insights of a pastor with over 30 years of experience. The foreword is written by the President of the largest seminary in the world. This book has also been endorsed in writing by thirteen other key evangelical leaders (professors, missionaries, pastors, editors, and institutional presidents and administrators). It can stand the test of scholarly scrutiny, but is succinct and promises to fill a huge void for years to come.