Hearts on Fire

ISBN: 9781940269269

Author: Catherine McNinch


A Tabitha and Reese Mystery

Jealousy, when fed, turns into the deadliest of monsters, and hearing-impaired Tabitha Mackenzie just can’t tame her green-eyed beast. When she attempts to outwit the seductress who is pursuing her husband, Tabitha’s plans backfire. Forced to take a temporary position on the island of Kauai, she must leave her man and her family behind, in God’s hands.

In Kauai, Tabitha, along with her faithful English Mastiff hearing-dog, Reese, befriend a young man with more perilous problems than her own; young Kali was nearly beaten to death, and two thugs are still dogging his steps. When Kali’s mother convinces Tabitha and Reese to move in with them, they are suddenly thrown headlong into a murder mystery. As the goons search for Kali, he is searching for proof of a loving God. Meanwhile, Tabitha desperately seeks peace for her troubled heart and mind. Will Tabitha and Kali both discover what their hearts are longing for? If so, at what price?

Author Bio

Catherine McNinch considered herself a lazy child, but went on to drive trucks in the Army, attend Bible College, and have five children. At age thirty-three, she earned an English degree with an emphasis on Irish literature from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and was the grand prize winner of a multi-college writing contest —astounding her high school friends who remembered that she never completed a single essay or research paper. Catherine turned to cytotechnology for her career. After living in eleven states, she now resides with her husband in Dallas, Texas. She loves studying the Bible, spending time with her family, and riding her horse, and she dreams of running away to a castle in county Kerry.

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