I Was Dead, Now I’m Alive

Author: Aidah Namayanja Nakasujja Nsreko


By: Aidah Namayanja Nakasujja Nsreko

Aidah Nsereko of Kampala, Uganda, vividly recalls the afternoon in 2006, while seated in a hair salon, when she passed from life to death, then back to life again. In exquisite detail, she describes watching her spirit depart from her body, pass through a series of supernatural realms – including Heaven and Hell – and then return to life on earth.

Along her astonishing journey, Aidah encountered each member of the trinity: God the father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. And she was given a powerful message to take back with her and to share with the world.

The urgency of that message alights Aidah’s passion daily, to preach and evangelize until every soul has the opportunity to put their eternal hope in Jesus Christ and partake of the wondrous place she experienced first-hand.