ISBN: 978-1937756765

Author: Dalen Keys


Acts of valor endure across the centuries . . . waiting, as secrets in a grave from long ago.

From his adventures in The Sacred Mountain (Deep River Books 2011) fourteen-year-old skateboarder Will Evans learned to love history. Now, while visiting a civil war museum in the South, Will and his friends become fascinated by an old sword on display bearing the emblem of a sea monster. When they stumble upon the same strange emblem again—this time, on a tombstone near the ruins of a plantation home—the friends are swept up on an exciting journey of discovery.

As clues to the mystery of Leviathan unfold, they meet Juanita, a wise African American woman, and her son Michael, and relive the dangerous quest of those who risked their lives to help slaves escape many years ago. But what does Leviathan have to do with slavery, racism, and segregation? And what does any of it have to do with a young skateboarder from Philadelphia?

Unexpected twists lead to surprising discoveries, as Will and his friends learn from the past what it means to stand strong and courageous today.

Retail Price: $14.99