Living Prayer

Author: Dennis Fuqua


Prayer is the most vital element required for every healthy believer. So why don’t more Christ followers actually follow Jesus’ clear instruction on this essential topic?

What if when Jesus said, “This, then is how you should pray…” He really meant it?

Based on the words of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, Dennis Fuqua challenges you to take Jesus’ command on how to pray more seriously than you ever have before. With fresh insights on this ancient prayer, you will be inspired and equipped to transform your prayer life for good!

Get ready for a deeper connection to God’s heart and assurance that your prayers will be heard and answered! Living Prayer shows you how to apply the inexhaustible riches of this prayer to any situation in your life and helps you discover the crucial difference between the two halves of the Lord’s Prayer. Complete with a bonus section, this book includes 56 prayers for special occasions.

“If you have never studied the Lord’s Prayer, you need to read this book. If you have studied The Lord’s Prayer many times, you really need to read this book.”–Dan Crawford, chair of prayer and spiritual formation emeritus, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary