Living without Jim, A Memoir

ISBN: 9781940269207

Author: Susan L. Keddy


“If God had sat me down and told me that our romance would end abruptly and far too soon, would I still have walked the aisle? A million times, yes. I have come to value this unexpected path of aloneness. Jesus has swept me off my feet and proved to me that He is all I need.” So writes Susan L. Keddy, reflecting on her surprise journey of widowhood at the age of forty-six.

When her husband, Jim, died of a sudden heart attack, Susan had nowhere to turn but to the God she had served all her life as a pastor’s wife and missionary. As she daily spent time in her Bible and poured out her heart onto the pages of her journal, a remarkable thing happened. Susan watched God turn her disappointment into discovery. She learned that even in the throes of agonizing sorrow, peace is attainable, and hope is certain.

A day-by-day chronicle of Susan’s first year alone, Living Without Jim is like a bittersweet piece of music—at times groaning, at times lilting. Ultimately, it resounds with love for the Creator who tenderly held her until she understood deep in her soul that she could indeed rejoice in her suffering, that her pain contains purpose, and her life—even without Jim—still has meaning.

Read it as a memoir or as a daily devotional. Either way, it will challenge your perspective on loss and show you how to live—not just exist.

Susan L. Keddy earned a diploma in special education for the mentally and physically challenged. She ministered alongside her pastor husband, Jim, first in Canada, then as missionaries in the Dominican Republic and Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Susan obtained her TESL certificate and taught English as a second language. Now living in Ontario, Canada, Susan currently directs a Christian women’s organization that reaches out to the lost, the lonely, and the forgotten, both inside and outside the church walls.

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