Makai Queen

Author: Tara Fairfield


She didn’t normally approach strange men, but he appeared to be drowning when Tessa found him on the beach of Lanai. It was no coincidence. Moho had been expecting her. His eyes locked onto hers for a moment—intense, piercing. His gaze was difficult to break. She felt drawn toward him, as if he had some sort of power over her. Something was definitely not right. Alarm bells went off in Tessa’s head, and she found herself being pulled deep into the tropical waters, away from her island home.

Far beneath the earth’s surface, Tessa discovers the key to her royal destiny in the land of Moku-ola.  As a whole new and astonishing world opens up to her, the real question becomes can she survive it?

And if she survives, will Tessa choose to deny the Creator’s wildly imaginative plan for her life, instead allowing a lack of forgiveness and trust to keep her stuck in the safe harbor of the past? Or will she discover the courage to embrace her destiny, which has been hidden from sight, deep beneath the ocean floor, since long before she was born?

Christian Psychologist Tara Fairfield delves deep into the the teenage girl’s soul through Tessa, a fictional character who overcomes barriers to developing healthy, loving relationships in Makai Queen. It’s an adventurous journey to forgiveness and to acceptance of God’s love and the unique plan He has for every young girl’s life.