More Than Devotion: Remembering His Word, Applying it to Our Lives

ISBN: 978-1940269382

Author: Judy Salisbury


More Than Devotion is a unique, 50-day, life-changing devotional. A pertinent Scripture verse opens each day, prompting the reader to remember something significant. What follows the exhortation to remember is an account from the Old Covenant, then a related account from the New Covenant. Through this process, the reader comes to a deep understanding that each of us has the same struggles and thus can identify with one or all biblical persons presented and their circumstances on various levels. In fifty days, the reader will know in both head and heart that God truly is the same yesterday, today, and forever—that He is the same God in the Old Covenant as He is in the New. Each devotion concludes with a practical, achievable call to action, plus journaling space for personal reflection, so new believers and veteran followers of our Lord can grow in the innermost areas of their lives for a closer and a more intimate walk with the Savior.

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