Paradise Calling

Author: Ilze Henderson


Two reluctant companions are in a dangerous race against time, to solve a mystery with otherworldly implications. Donovan Brown and Jennifer Harvey had no room in their commonsensical worlds to pursue romance or probe the deeper questions of human existence. Donovan’s a well-respected scientist, consumed with his career. Jennifer is equally pragmatic. But when Donovan finds his boss – Jennifer’s father – murdered in the lab under mysterious circumstances, their worlds collide, and the two are thrown together on an astonishing journey.

While tracking clues left by Jennifer’s eccentric father, they uncover the secret project he was working on: a hidden portal to a wondrous realm, in which the life-long, soul-deep cravings of every man and woman can at last be satisfied. Now every step could be their last, because the answers they seek, others would kill for: Who killed the professor? What are the implications of his extraordinary discovery for the human race? Does it have the power to change even their own hearts?

Paradise Calling will take readers on an Avatar-like thrill-ride and leave them breathlessly asking, What if…?