Pergamum: Satan’s Throne

ISBN: 978-1937756734

Author: Sharon Dow


After Antipas is martyred at the altar to Zeus for his outspoken convictions on Christ, the remaining Christians in Pergamum must flee for their lives. With the Roman emperor’s grip tightening, evil forces behind the scenes aim to root out the growing followers of The Way and destroy the church.

Marcus and Paulus, brothers of the martyred Antipas, have chosen different paths. Marcus, a brute temple guard, remains loyal to Zeus, who many attest is the one true god of Pergamum. Paulus follows in Antipas’ footsteps as one who fearlessly proclaims the Gospel. Enraged, Marcus disowns his brother and swears him as enemy. A battle for the fate of Pergamum is inevitable.

In this sequel to the heart-pounding Antipas: Martyr, Sharon Dow continues the vibrant story of persecuted Christians banding together within the sinister walls of Pergamum, the very lair of Satan’s throne.

Who will be saved and who will choose the easy way out? Amid the rubble, will the new Christians emerge victorious, with their faith strong and vital?


“Sharon Dow’s second book  proves to be another eye-opening novel that dramatically portrays the power of God and the life-changing relationship one can experience with Jesus Christ.”
—Jean Morby, host, Young at Heart Show on Faith FM 94.3 Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; author, Rainy Day Activities and Hands of Gold