Peter, The Mecurial Apostle, a novel

ISBN: 9781940269214

Author: Oluseyi Fatoyinbo


To say that Peter the apostle was impulsive and erratic is an understatement. One minute he is leaping out of the boat in faith, eyes on Jesus—the next minute he is sinking, as he relies on his own understanding. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter boldly sliced off the ear of a Roman guard to protect his Lord. Hours later, he denied ever knowing him.

We don’t see the other disciples displaying the kind of boldness Peter showed by attempting to walk on water and tangling with Roman authority. We also don’t see them denying Jesus to save their own skin. Peter was unpredictable. He was hot and cold. He was mercurial.
Yet, as author Oluseyi Fatoyinbo shows in Peter: The Mercurial Apostle, Jesus loved Peter. And He never gave up on him. Through the eyes of Peter, readers will see the humanity of the beloved disciple along with the futility of his human strength and worldly wisdom. The lessons Peter learned are invaluable to all believers, especially church leaders. Readers will gain five important takeaways from this book:

  1. God uses us in spite of our weaknesses.
  2. God is patient; He doesn’t give up on us.
  3. By human strength no man shall prevail.
  4. Sincerity is not enough; we must combine it with an absolute trust in God’s wisdom.
  5. To stay humble, we must never forget our humanity; no man is infallible.

Author Bio

Oluseyi Fatoyinbo earned his degree from the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. After working in Fisheries and Wildlife, he became a fisher of men. Today he pastors Christ Ambassadors’ Assembly in Akure, a ministry raised by God to “build the old waste places and raise the foundations of many generations.” Oluseyi and his wife, Funmilola, reside in Akure with their two children, Oreofe Precious, and Benjamin Aboluwarin.

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