Strong Delusion

ISBN: 9781940269627

Author: T.J. Allen


Secrets of the Crimson Planet

In the wake of a world war that has left world powers unstable and the Earth’s natural resources depleted, astronaut Jeremy Johnson and nine others are launched to Mars on a fact-finding mission. Could Mars be a potential source for precious, life-sustaining minerals? Will the Red Planet support colonization should Earth need be abandoned? Previous unmanned missions revealed no evidence of life forms, yet Jeremy—a professing Christian—is unconvinced.

Terror and suspicion build when members of the crew claim to encounter life forms. Are they hallucinating, or are their visions and violent behavior due to a Martian virus? Could the crew be in the presence of extraterrestrials, angels, or demons? With the disappearance and death of several crewmembers, Jeremy begins to question whether his beliefs are grounded in reality as events on Earth and Mars seem to coincide. Could this mission, in combination with ancient pyramids and the alleged “face” on the surface of the Crimson Planet, play a role in the biblical End Times?

Praise for Strong Delusion:

“Allen skillfully weaves the second coming of Jesus, the Red Planet, the rise of the antichrist, astronauts, angels, and demons into an exciting blend of science fiction and spiritual warfare. A thrilling read.”

-Rev. Earl Hodges, pastor, Olive Branch Ministries of Greater New Orleans


T.J. Allen (Bachelor of Religious Education, Florida Baptist Theological College) has held church ministry positions for over thirty years ranging from Bible study teacher to associate pastor. His other interests include history, beekeeping, farming, and science fiction. He and his wife, Lynn, have raised four children and live in southeast Alabama.


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