Teacup Art…And Reflections

ISBN: 978-1935265818

Author: Joyce Wilkens


Like art, life can be splashed with expected and unexpected curves and colors, offering chances to take a good long look, simmer on your reflections, share your thoughts, and to listen to others…to learn to respect and appreciate our diversity, especially when blended with the perfect symbol of hospitality, the teacup.

Teacup Art . . . and Reflections is a dazzling display of teacups from around the world that are steeped with stories. Photographed with flair and uniquely showcased, artist and photographer Joyce Wilkens ignites your imagination beyond the porcelain on the page. Each image sparks mystery, wonder, laughter, and feelings of peace, and might even make you cry as you reminisce about your own stories. . . where you have been, where you are going, and what inspires you.

Author Bio

Joyce Wilkens became fascinated with the diversity of teacups after attending a grand tea party. As she soaked in the beauty in the array of teacups around the room, she began to wonder what story each cup might hold. Her new fascination became a collection of creative teacups which she has shared with you in this artfully done book. Whether you sip and tell your stories at a table, in a dirt hut or around a mountain campfire, connections are made when you raise a cup.