The Evidence of Evolution

Author: Gavin Lawrie


“There’s Probably No God. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life.” This was the slogan plastered on billboards, buses, and benches across London to promote the Out Campaign, spearheaded by professor Richard Dawkins. For decades, animal behaviorist and world-renowned atheist, professor Dawkins has attacked creationism and denounced the claims of the Bible.

In The Evidence of Evolution, author and lawyer Gavin Lawrie examines the claims of Dawkins, highlighting the ‘no evidence’ beginning, and exposing the flaws in his reasoning. Never one to shy from a debate, Mr. Lawrie combines the methodical process of an attorney with the heart of a man seeking truth—to weigh the claimed evidence, and to answer the assertions of those opposing intelligent design. He confronts the questions we often ask ourselves.

  • Does science contradict the Bible?
  • How did we get here?
  • What is the meaning of my life?

The world wants us to accept that only what we can see is real. But atheists don’t believe this; they believe in things that are invisible, and put their trust in people they cannot see. It is blindly shortsighted to conclude that we are just cosmic accidents with no higher power to answer to, when proof to the contrary is compelling. This world could only have been created by a loving designer with infinite wisdom and knowledge—who cares for each of us.

There is a Creator God. Now stop worrying, seek Him, and put meaning into your life.

Author Biography: Gavin Lawrie holds degrees in economics and law, both from Sydney University. He worked as a barrister and a corporate lawyer before moving with his wife, Jan, and two daughters to rural New South Wales, where he was a country solicitor until retirement. Now attending Pioneer Country Church of Grace, he is a Presbyterian church elder, a local councilor, a ballroom dancer, and a rock ’n’ roller. Gavin resides in Tweed Heads, NSW, where he and Jan enjoy their grandchildren.