The Kingdom of the Antichrist

ISBN: 9781935265283

Author: Adrian Isaacs


Counterfeit Messiah, the Holy Grail, and the Coming Global Monarchy

We are living in a time when many are asking key questions about the true history of the Christian church, the relevance of alternative spiritualities, and the future of mankind. Western society, a civilization that has for centuries been regarded as ‘Christian,’ is increasingly becoming more accepting of anti-Christian spiritual and religious philosophies. One such philosophy is something known as esotericism, or ‘esoteric spirituality.’ Esoteric spirituality is a belief system whereby only an elite or initiated group of people can perceive and understand its true and deepest mysteries. It is a form of thought often associated with the world of the occult.

Recent questions being asked by many in the West all reflect an esoteric/occult influence. Some of these questions include:

  • Did Jesus marry and have children?
  • Are his bones buried in a tomb on earth?
  • Is He really God?
  • Is there a new age/new world order emerging out of the current global chaos?

These questions also reveal the readiness – or perhaps, the eagerness – of society to embrace a less ‘dogmatic’ Christianity, and embrace a new, esoteric Christianity.

Kingdom of the Antichrist, by Adrian Isaacs, assesses the emergence of esoteric spirituality in light of Biblical prophecy, revealing the link between the current occult revival in the West, and the coming Antichrist. The main focus is to address this overwhelming anti-Christian, occult influence permeating Western society. Over the past few decades, and especially over the past few years, new ‘revelations’ and theories have been promoted which strike at the very foundations of the Christian faith. These theories have been presented in both a fictional and non-fictional manner.

Perhaps the best known example of this assault on the Christian faith is the so-called bloodline of Christ theory, which has been largely promoted by bestselling books and blockbuster movies such as The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and The Da Vinci Code. While this is one widely known example, it’s in fact merely the tip of the iceberg. Many are now being led to believe that the entire Christian faith was founded upon a massive cover-up, that the true history of mankind is not as the Bible presents it, and that mankind will soon welcome a new messiah who will bring about a new age of peace, enlightenment, and global renewal. Each of these concepts is rooted in esoteric and occult thought.

Kingdom of Antichrist is a solid, Biblical response to this growing esoteric influence. Isaacs shares his detailed analysis and four key things that are crucial for the reader to understand. First, the reader will come to see that the current esoteric assault on the message and truth of God’s word is by no means a “new thing.” Indeed, the roots of esoteric spirituality reach far back to the dateless past, and Satan’s rebellion against the heavenly order established by God. Esoteric and occult spirituality is in fact a satanic substitute for God’s true system of worship.

Secondly, the reader will see that esoteric philosophy has been present on the earth from the time of humanities fall in the Garden of Eden right through until the present day. It has surfaced in different forms, and under different names throughout history, serving as a parallel, alternate religious system to the true revelation of God. Ancient occultism and paganism – both foundational to modern esotericism – have often been an integral part of the political systems of the ancient world such as those that were found in Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome. In the medieval period, esoteric tendencies could be found in many of the romantic Grail legends that, on the surface, often appeared ‘Christian’. And as the reader will come to appreciate, the Holy Grail is also symbolic of many esoteric beliefs in today’s world. There are also numerous modern esoteric groups and societies with political associations such as the Freemasons that have preserved many of these pagan beliefs and rituals inherited from the ancient world.

The third key point the reader will come to understand is the sobering reality that the current emergence of esoteric spirituality in the West is setting the stage for the rise of the Biblical Antichrist. Revelation 17 reveals the astonishing reality of a world-wide religious system known as Babylon the Great that works with the Antichrist in his pursuit of a global, satanic kingdom. This religious system, as indicated by the word Babylon in its name, is rooted in the pagan rituals and beliefs of the ancient world which can be found in the various esoteric and occult theories being promoted throughout the West. In addition to this, some of the unbiblical theories being advanced today concerning Jesus Christ are leading multitudes away from the Biblical gospel, and towards an occult gospel that speaks of a new messiah, the reshaping of Christianity, and the emergence of a new world order.

Fourth and finally, the reader will come to see that God is in complete control of time and history, and that He has a definite plan for mankind. Kingdom of Antichrist, which adopts the pre-millennial/pre-tribulation Rapture view of Biblical eschatology, provides an overview of God’s prophetic plan for both the nation of Israel, and the Gentile people of the world. It helps the reader to see that history is not open-ended, and that time is not just randomly progressing, but that God is bringing everything to a grand consummation – the glorious revelation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Kingdom of Antichrist was written with two main groups of people in mind. First, it is concerned with meeting the spiritual needs of those who may now find themselves questioning the traditional Christian message in light of the recent esoteric theories concerning Christ. The book is designed to expose the satanic nature of these theories, pointing readers to the truth of God’s Word. Secondly, the book is designed to educate Christians on the global influence of esoteric/occult spirituality in light of God’s prophetic Word.

Author Bio

Adrian Isaacs–Stouffville Ontario, Canada–Spent thirteen years studying Biblical prophecy. Currently working towards his Master of Theological studies degree. Click to Read More: Antichrist and the Great Satanic Ambition