The Sacred Mountain

Author: Dalen Keys


Thirteen-year-old Will Evans couldn’t skateboard just a few years ago. After giving it a try, he found that not only could he skateboard, he was actually pretty good at it. He joined a club at his church which gave him the chance to use his talents for God’s glory. When the opportunity arose for him to perform a skateboarding show on a mission trip to an Indian reservation in Arizona, the Philadelphia teen jumped right in.

During his plane ride, Will began envisioning a trip of skateboarding and leisure, while his doctor and nurse dad and mom volunteered at the reservation clinic. He was looking forward to the new experience and spending time meeting new people that God brought his way.

As the plane landed, Will noticed an unusual mountain that stood alone in the vast flat plains. There was something mysterious and odd about that mountain. Little did he know, his skateboarding trip was about to turn into a valuable lesson on following Christ—a lesson he would never forget.

During his first day at the reservation, Will meets twins Jake and Kate. When an archeological excavation reveals ancient human remains, they decide to investigate the clues from the past to try and understand the “gods” on the mountain. History becomes very real to them as they hear a tale in an old diary of a boy that dared to explore the mountain, but never returned. The friends determine to explore the mountain and find out the truth. Were the gods of the mountain real? And were the bones found by the archeologists the result of human sacrifices?

The Sacred Mountain is a story about accepting new friends, using your talents, and seeking answers. The most important lessons however, is that there is only one God we should trust, and it is by His blood which we are saved.