ISBN: 978-1940269023

Author: Lauren Beccue


“It won’t happen to me,” is what Lauren was thinking, just moments before she conceived her first child. As a senior at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, author Lauren Beccue was making plans for her life after college, applying to MFA programs in her home state of California, expecting that a graduate degree in creative writing would lead to a writing career. What she was not expecting, as she prepared to send out her applications, was to see two red lines on a pregnancy test.

Immediate questions confronted her: Should I keep this baby? How am I going to tell my parents?! What will happen to my plans and dreams? Have I ruined God’s plans for my life? Lauren came from a Christian home and knew the statistics surrounding premarital sex. She’d even pledged abstinence in high school. Good girls like Lauren don’t get pregnant . . . or do they? Just three months into her senior year of college, Lauren joined the more than three million women who unexpectedly become pregnant each year. To make matters worse, she’d only been dating the child’s father for a few weeks.

With refreshing honesty and a gift for words, Lauren shares the struggles and triumphs of her journey. An ill-timed pregnancy. An impromptu marriage. At some point, we all learn we’re not immune to the consequences of our actions. Join Lauren as she candidly, yet humorously, reveals how she eventually allowed God to free her from shame and witnessed his redemptive power in action as he unveiled his beautiful new plans.

Author Bio

Lauren Beccue graduated with a BA in English from Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, but not without incident. A wife and mother, Lauren speaks to teens about sex and marriage as a sex ed instructor.

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