Deep River Books’ 2017 Contest: Details!Deep River Books' 2017 contest

Submissions will be opening a little later this year for Deep River Books’ 2017 Contest. Start polishing your manuscript today! And stay tuned by checking in at the Contest page for details about when submissions will open this year. (Hint: it won’t be the usual January timing).

At stake is a $1,000 cash prize (or $2,500 discount on publication), for the winning entry, and additional prizes for the two runners-up. A limited number of entries that don’t place in our top three are awarded certificates of merit.

For more details about entering and rules to follow, please keep an eye, again, on our Contest page. We will be posting details about what information to include in your submission e-mail and where to send your manuscript, in addition to rules regarding submission length and formatting guidelines.

As always, our judges are looking forward to reading all of the amazing entries, and finding our winner. Although there will have to be tough decisions made as they sort through many well-crafted pieces, each year our team of judges truly enjoys the chance to read new work. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at info[at]

Interested in which entries won in previous years? Follow the links to view our winners, runners-up and certificate of merit awardees from 2014, 2015 and 2016.