And Then There Was One

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ISBN: 9781632695024

Author: Mary Echols


An Emotionally Raw Journey Through Spousal Grief

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“This is my journey, an extremely personal and intimate journey thru the land of grief after the death of my husband. These words and this story were never penned with the intention of being read by others. They were written for me and only me, but here we are. What lies ahead of you in these pages is an unadulterated and emotionally raw view of my life during my time of grieving. I have decided to share this time of my life with you in hopes that it might ease your journey and that you may know that you are not alone in your walk thru the myriad emotions and everyday challenges that come with loss and grief.  Most importantly, I want you to know that at the end of the journey thru the dark land of grief there awaits a new sun shining in the uncharted territory of the life that awaits you.”

—Mary Echols

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Author Bio

Mary Echols is mom to a son, daughter, and two step-sons. She is a retired RN who spent many of her working years as a travel nurse, being licensed in seven states and working in hospitals as small as twenty-five beds up to a thousand. After the death of her husband, she went through a very complicated grief that led her to become a certified Christian Life Coach for spousal grief and loss to help others through the grieving process.

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