Endorsements – What Are Authors Saying?

Roy Goble, Author of Junkyard Wisdom

Junkyard Wisdom

“I’ve always loved to write, and for years had considered a book project. But I was relatively unknown. I’ve never ran a large company, or led a big church, or built a huge Twitter following. So most publishers — and agents for that matter — paid scant attention to this former junkyard kid.

One conversation with Bill Carmichael at Deep River Books changed that. He heard my story and felt it should be shared. His encouragement led to my first book, Junkyard Wisdom. The book had modest success, but more importantly it was the right book for me to write. It deeply impacted a few key people who needed to read it, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

It also taught me a lot about the writing process, the publishing industry, and the marketing side of being an author. They were all lessons that led me to a second book deal with a traditional publisher. Deep River opened those doors for me because they believed in my story. I’ll always be thankful for their support.”

Carole Morden, Author of Dry Bones

Endorsement drybones“It is hard to really describe how much I appreciate all the work that went into Dry Bones. It looks phenomenal. When I opened the first box, I was overwhelmed. It looks better than I ever imagined. Thank you all for your professional handling of every question, problem, and nuisance…”

C.E. Hilbert, Author of The Wooing of Jane Grey

Endorsement "the wooing of Jane Grey"“Publishing my first novel with DRB was a wonderful experience. From the first moment I spoke with Bill on the phone to receiving the first copy in my hands the process of publishing with Deep River was enlightening and encouraging.

“The support and the comprehensive publishing education that I received from the team inspired me to write my second novel that is in process under a full royalty contract.

“For any writer, the intimidation of sharing your creative heart with strangers is overwhelming, but everyone at Deep River – from Nancie and Bill to Kit and Company – makes you feel as if you are a part of the family. They treat you and your manuscript with the utmost care and respect, helping to transform a dream into books on a bookstore shelf.
I cannot thank DRB enough for helping me to have the title I’ve wanted since I was a little girl: writer.”

Jeff Dixon, Author of The Key to the KingdomUnlocking the Kingdom, Storming the Kingdom and Terror in the Kingdom

Terror in the Kingdom cover

“As an author, you always dream of seeing your words on the printed page. But Deep River did so much more for me than just that – they helped my words find a voice so that others could hear them.

“The publishing world is big place and is not easy to navigate. The Deep River team gently guided me along the path and helped bring the stories I wanted to tell to life.

“Now, even though my words have a voice, I just can’t seem to find enough of them to adequately express my thanks and gratitude for my family at Deep River Books.”

John Claeys, Author of The Impending Apocalypse

Endorsement "the impending apocalypse"“Before going with Deep River Books, I thoroughly researched other publishing offers that were presented to me, which included looking at what other companies offered, visiting with published authors, and viewing the finished products of the publishers. When I made the decision to publish with Deep River Books, I felt it was the right one then; and now that my book is out in the market and doing well, I know I went with the right publisher.”

Michael J. Bozack, Author of Street-Smart Advice to Christian College Students

“Deep River Books is especially good at marketing your book. The adage is true that ‘if you have a product and don’t advertise it, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark.’ Most of us write books because we have a compelling story to tell. We want people to read our books. Without marketing, our good ideas would languish in obscurity, adding to the pile of good books that go unnoticed. Thank you, Bill, Nancie, and Lacey, for being the answer to my prayers. Winking in the dark is no fun.”

Dr. Judy Ann Mumford, Author of Beyond Rubber Duckies: Preparing Children for the Voyage of Life

“After an extensive search for a publisher that would be a good fit for my book content and personal style, I decided to hand my manuscript, along with what I imagined it could become, over to Deep River Books. My objectives were clear: I was looking for expertise in editing and marketing.

“Equally important to me was finding a publisher who would partner with me in the very best sense of the word: sharing my vision; working diligently to make every aspect of the book the best it could be; and seeking and considering my input and opinions at each step along the way.

“Thank you to Bill Carmichael and the Deep River Books team for meeting and exceeding my expectations.”

 Sam Batterman, author of Wayback

“Deep River Books was the company that helped me find my way to a spectacular finished product, my Christian Fiction Thriller, Wayback. This book turned out better than I ever could have hoped for. Ten months ago, Bill Carmichael found my rough manuscript on the Christian Manuscript Submission Network and saw the story for what it could be in the right hands, now after editing, typesetting and a great cover design, Wayback is on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Target and dozens and dozens of Christian chain bookstores. The relationship of Deep River Books with STL Distribution is formidable and seamless—literally every bookstore in America knows of and perhaps most importantly orders from them on a regular basis.”