Street Smart Advice To Christian College Students

Author: Michael J. Bozack


Are you a prospective Christian college student who 

* Is anxious about attending college? 
* Wants a high GPA? 
* Is undecided about what college to attend? 
* Wonders whether you can cut it academically? 
* Is clueless about what to do with your life? 
* Is unsure about living in a secular college environment? 
* Worries that you will abandon Christian values in college? 
* Is already in college but barely making it? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. My audience is primarily prospective and current Christian college students and the people who mentor them. I’m betting that your parents will spend a few dollars for a book written by a seasoned college professor who knows the ropes to success. My unique selling proposition is that, if Christian students in the target market read this book, then they will find invaluable information about: 

* Reasons why most high school students aren’t ready for college prime time. 
* Characteristics of the current generation of college students. 
* The unique situation of Christian college students in a secular university. 
* Seven effective strategies for guaranteed academic success. 
* The most common bad habits and mistakes made by college students. 
* What major college professors do besides teach college students. 
* How to manage student life outside the college classroom. 
* How to effectively live the Christian life as a college student in a major university. 

A secondary audience for the book includes parents, ministers, education professionals and a host of affinity groups who care about education and its direction in our nation. We seek to help 1) parents understand what factors are affecting their children’s education; 2) secondary educators who seek to prepare their students for college; 3) youth ministers and pastors who deal with teenagers; and, 4) employers who are trying to understand today’s new college graduates.