Then Came Hispangelicals

ISBN: 9781632695161

Author: Rudy Gonzales


The Rise of the Hispanic Evangelical and Why It Matters

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Hispanics are embracing the gospel in record numbers, swelling to well over 150 million believers today. In light of such unprecedented growth, evangelicals need resources to better understand their new Latino brothers and sisters. Then Came Hispangelicals delivers.

This much-needed primer surveys the history, philosophical antecedents, cultural developments, and religious heritage of the Hispanic world. Far from blind to the potential challenges, Dr. Rudolph Gonzalez proffers a thoughtful and balanced evaluation of Hispanic cultures from a Christ-centered, evangelical perspective.

Without apology, he makes a case for the gospel as the only historical message with the power to resolve the Latino’s perpetual search for a satisfying identity. Hispanic evangelicals will be encouraged and empowered as they wrestle with the magnitude of the challenge they face, committing to living under the rule of the mind of Christ.

A must-read for all evangelicals in this current cultural moment.


Author Bio

Rudy Gonzales currently serves as Adjunct Chair of the Biblical and Theological Studies at Baptist University of the Americas, San Antonio, Texas. Holds an MDiv (Southwestern), a ThM (Princeton Theological Seminary), and a PhD (Baylor University). Rudy is married to Virginia and has one son. He resides in San Antonio, Texas.

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