Introduction to Deep River Books

Welcome to Deep River Books!

We are glad you are evaluating Deep River Books as a place to submit your manuscript for publishing consideration. Deep River Books is a family-owned Christian publishing company. We are a member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), and partner with the best resources in the industry, publishing and marketing books of the highest quality. Our partnership with Baker & Taylor Publisher Services, and our active sales team, ensures that the books we publish are available to over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram-Spring Arbor, major Christian bookstore chains, and CBA member stores both here in the USA as well as all English-speaking countries. We also introduce all of our books in eBook formats for eBook applications.

We designed our Partner Publishing Program to mentor new, emerging, and/or relatively unknown authors. It is also intended to be “turn-key” in that it includes marketing, sales, and distribution. If your manuscript is approved by our editorial review team, we will do everything in our power to help you make your book a success. Read on to glean a good understanding of how our Partnership Program works.

1. It starts with a talented author

Great books start with a manuscript that has excellent content and a crisp, clear writing style. We provide honest feedback on whether we believe your book is polished enough to become published. Often, as authors, we become so consumed with our manuscript that we fail to view it objectively. A good manuscript still needs a great editor to make it worth publishing. Our editorial team is one of the finest in the industry.

2. Award-winning Cover Designs

Many books go unread because the reader never felt enticed to pick up the book. A compelling cover is essential to success. “Never judge a book by its cover” may be true when referring to people, but in publishing, “Books are only as good as their covers.” We work with award-winning cover designers specifically selected for the unique message of your book. Our cover designers are required to read your manuscript before they begin the design, so that the cover has the right feel for the message contained inside.

3. Powerful Distribution

Even the best books need talented marketing and a dedicated sales team. Without someone marketing and selling your book, it will never get the distribution it deserves. We work with full-time “boots on the ground” sales people who make face-to-face presentations of our titles to book buyers who buy product for over 2,000 retail stores. We also work with an excellent PR team to help get our authors exposure in the media.

4. “What Else Should I Know?”

You should know the people you are choosing as a publishing team. They should be people with extensive publishing experience…people with integrity. Your publishing team must have the personal contacts and professional background to help your book succeed. They should understand you as an author, not just a customer in a long line. Read the Endorsements from our Deep River Authors.

The Publishers:

Bill and Nancie Carmichael are the former publishers of Virtue and Christian Parenting Today Magazines. They are the authors of 15 books, published by major Christian publishers such as Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, Harvest House, Baker, Howard, Moody Press, Crossway, and more. Bill is a former member of the board of directors of the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association (ECPA), and Nancie served on the Board of Regents at George Fox University. The Carmichaels recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Vanguard University for their publishing careers. Bill and Nancie have over 35 years of publishing and writing experience to bring to your project, along with the expertise from their team.


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