The Wooing of Jane Grey

The Wooing of Jane Grey cover

Author: C.E. Hilbert


A Novel

Jane Grey’s life was fine. Fabulous career: check. Faithful friend: check. Serving in the church nursery: check.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

And yet… Jane had promised herself she’d never let life become predictable. Now she finds herself thirty-something, feeling a bit lumpy, lonely and lost. A nagging pit in her stomach tells her she desperately needs a change.

Proving He has a sense of humor, the Lord deposits not one, but two handsome suitors into Jane’s life – seemingly overnight!

Practical Paul Wade, a successful attorney, seems Jane’s perfect match … on paper. Meanwhile, pro hockey hunkster Lindy Barrett is clearly out of her league … or is he?

To decide, Jane must finally seek out that sweet spot lying somewhere between her head and her heart.

Whose woo will win the heart of Jane Grey? God knows, but He’s not telling!

The wooing of Jane Grey is sure to delight.