Kaitlin Covel, on Her Book Atoning for Ashes and Her Book Launch

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Deep River books author Kaitlin Covel had her first published book, Atoning for Ashes, release on February 14, 2019. Kaitlin exhibited remarkable effort and creativity in her book’s marketing and launch plans, so we asked her some questions about her novel’s launch. Our interview with her is below:

DRB: Your book Atoning for Ashes recently released on February 14, 2019. What made you decide to pursue this novel as your debut in publishing?

KC: I pursued this novel as my debut in publishing because I knew Christian Fiction set in the Regency era was performing well on the market. I also knew that I was ready. I had completed three novels prior to Atoning for Ashes, and I decided that it was time to achieve my publishing dream.

DRB: What is the intended takeaway that you hope your reader gains from reading Atoning for Ashes? How did this intent structure and motivate how you went about the writing, publishing, and promoting of your book?

KC: It is my sincere hope that each and every one of my readers gains a fresh perspective of the unconditional nature of God’s love by reading Atoning for Ashes. This intent structured and motivated me as I wrote by reinforcing this theme as seamlessly as possible throughout the dialogue. I promoted this message by incorporating it on social media through quote memes that I designed on Canva.com.

DRB: Your Regency romance novel released on Valentine’s Day, how did you use the holiday strategically to promote your book’s release?

KC: I incorporated a lot of pink, hearts, and other Valentine’s Day inspired elements into the graphics that I designed for social media on Canva.com to promote my book’s release. I used Valentine’s Day hashtags on social media. I collaborated with 15 other Historical Romance authors in a Historical Romance Valentine’s Day Facebook Party & Giveaway that I personally organized. I also designed a book trailer in which I marketed my upcoming release as a romantic read for Valentine’s Day.

DRB: Social Media seems like it was an important tool you used in promoting your book and following, what were some of the creative methods you used on your social media platforms?

KC: I created a book trailer on Animoto.com, and I was very happy with the response I received from it on Facebook and Instagram. I designed a lot of professional social media graphics on Canva.com, and I also posted multiple photos of the paperback staged against various creative backgrounds. I organized a launch team who helped me make a lot of noise on social media across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sharing the content I provided. I scheduled a Facebook live launch party on my Author page that generated a lot of interaction with readers. I created a novel board on Pinterest that many people enjoyed looking at to get the flavor of my novel’s setting and characters. The collaboration I organized with 15 other Christian Historical authors along with the Valentine’s Day Facebook party and giveaway generated lots of traffic, newsletter subscribers, and new followers for me on social media. I also posted many guest posts, interviews, giveaways, and blog posts on social media. I did a large giveaway on my website that also generated many newsletter subscribers. I promoted my newsletter on social media, and I provided the first chapter of Atoning for Ashes for free to my newsletter subscribers as a special incentive. I also set up an automated welcome email for newsletter subscribers with information and purchase links for Atoning for Ashes.

DRB: It seems like collaboration with other bloggers and authors was something you intentionally honed in on leading up to your book’s release. What motivated you to collaborate with others, and what benefits did it elicit?

KC: I was motivated to collaborate with book bloggers because I wanted to grow my audience. I personally read book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and book blogs before I decide to purchase a book, and I wanted to reach readers on those platforms. I also wanted to build relationships with influencers for future books. I loved collaborating with other authors in my genre because I could support them while also reaching readers I knew would enjoy my book.

DRB: In utilizing and experimenting with different promotional strategies, what did you find worked and what didn’t?

KC: I would definitely repeat all of the creative social media methods again that I mentioned in a previous question. However, I would not invest time, energy, and effort again into doing interviews and guest posts for bloggers with small audiences. I would also research book bloggers more thoroughly before contacting them for review requests. As far as social media platforms go, I would spend less time on Twitter. I would also invest more time and money promoting and advertising my novel on Facebook, BookBub, and Goodreads.

DRB: What will we get to see next from Kaitlin Covel? Are you thinking of continuing novels in the same world as Atoning for Ashes or branching out to something different?

KC: I love the Regency era, but I will definitely be branching out to something different. My current WIP is set in a different Historical era. I look forward to all that my writing career holds for me in the future!

DRB: Where can we read and follow you and your writing?

KC: You can follow me on my website and sign up for my monthly newsletter at www.kaitlincovel.com. I’m also on Facebook @AuthorKaitlinCovel, Twitter, and Instagram: @kaitlin_covel. You can also follow me as an author on Amazon, BookBub, and Goodreads.