DRB Author Roy Goble Published by NavPress


Roy Goble on his DRB publishing experience, and his recently published book at NavPress

Deep River books author Roy Goble published his book Junkyard Wisdom with us which released back in 2016. With his newly released book, Salvaged, published by NavPress, Roy Goble had this to say on his DRB publishing experience:

I’ve always loved to write, and for years had considered a book project. But I was relatively unknown. I’ve never ran a large company, or led a big church, or built a huge Twitter following. So most publishers — and agents for that matter — paid scant attention to this former junkyard kid. 

One conversation with Bill Carmichael at Deep River Books changed that. He heard my story and felt it should be shared. His encouragement led to my first book, Junkyard Wisdom. The book had modest success, but more importantly it was the right book for me to write. It deeply impacted a few key people who needed to read it, which is exactly what I had hoped for. 

It also taught me a lot about the writing process, the publishing industry, and the marketing side of being an author. They were all lessons that led me to a second book deal with a traditional publisher. Deep River opened those doors for me because they believed in my story. I’ll always be thankful for their support. – Roy Goble

We are excited to see how his experience here at Deep River Books helped pave the way for his second book to be published at a reputable traditional publisher. With a combination of “junkyard” wit and wisdom, his new book Salvaged is a fantastic read, building off the same tone and depth which made his first book with us, Junkyard Wisdom, so enjoyable.