18 Inches

Author: J. Ray Addison & Susan C. Addison


What does it take to get truth from my head to my heart? How can I genuinely experience God’s love that casts out fear?

When we seek God’s answers to human questions, the results may be unexpected. God’s answers are often beyond our understanding—yet they are within reach of our heart. It is these 18 inches between head and heart that can mean the difference between being deceived and experiencing the mysteries of God.

For over thirty years, therapists Ray and Susan Addison have had the unique privilege to study both the mysteries of the human mind and the mysteries of God. In their counseling practice, they join with people struggling with overwhelming challenges and watch God comfort and restore them.

18 Inches is intended for those who are distracted by anxiety and stress and overcome with despair and a sense of futility. To discover God’s will, the Addisons say we must first recognize our own will and our compulsion to be in control. This book is mined from scripture as well as from the lives of the authors.

Read it! You just might find that you are only 18 inches away from experiencing the fullness of God!