A Girl from Galilee

ISBN: 9781632695598

Author: Beth Farris


A Novel

Anna is a shepherdess in first-century Galilee, betrothed to a man from a neighboring farm. Even in a society that seems eager to hold her back, she is passionate about God and driven to learn more. But Anna’s faith is suddenly challenged when an altercation forces her to defend her life. The ramifications throw her future marriage into uncertainty and weigh heavy on her heart. Have the events in the wilderness of Galilee stolen any chance she has of her life moving forward?


For Anna, making amends—and more importantly, making peace with herself—may be the only way to move on. Her search for forgiveness takes her on a journey to the temple in Jerusalem; it is there her hope lies, as she struggles to find the freedom to keep going and the peace she has been searching for. And after an encounter with a rabbi, she discovers it’s her own faith in God that might just be the key.


Encompassing an exploration and celebration of the roots of Christianity, this is the story of a girl who can do nothing else but seek the path forward, a girl learning to trust God not only with her marriage but with her life. This is the story of Anna.

Author Bio

Beth Farris graduated from Butler University with degrees in Religious Studies and English. She served for two years with AmeriCorps after college, first with the Peace Learning Center of Indianapolis, and then on the White Mesa Ute Reservation in Utah. Upon coming home to Indianapolis, she earned her teaching license and taught English in an alternative high school for ten years. She retired from teaching to focus on her children and her writing. After several years of collecting stray animals, Beth has recently declared herself the CEO of a “home for aging cats.” She spends her free time taking cats back and forth to the veterinarian.

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