A Heaven to Die For

ISBN: 9781940269900

Author: Scott Mohr


Axel Erickson thrives on riding the heaviest of waves, but the weight of his girlfriend’s death has driven him to explore God’s promises for the life beyond. When Axel also unexpectedly passes away, he comes face-to-face with Christ, in the midst of Heaven’s glory. The Lord assures Axel he’ll be assigned a vital role filled with purpose and exhilaration for all of eternity.
Jesus’ Second Coming ensues, and the Lord tasks Axel with putting down an uprising. But when Axel relies solely on his indestructible body and access to extra dimensions of time and space, a riptide of failure follows. Unless Axel gets the hang of this, murder suspects will run free, a teenage girl will remain missing, and the rebellion against his King will move perilously forward.

Author Bio

Scott Mohr has savored opportunities to serve in youth and adult ministries for the past twenty years. His fascination with God’s Word inspired him to write Look Up! Uplifting Inspiration from Christ’s Timeless Past. When he’s not writing in his bungalow near the ocean, Scott works as an information technology professional in the telecommunications industry. He and his wife reside in Orange County, California.

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