A Path To Hope

ISBN: 9781940269818

Author: Rose Saad


Restoring the Spirit of the Abused Christian Woman

Every day, everywhere, women like Rose face not only the danger and torment of domestic violence, they struggle with their faith and often receive inaccurate messages from a well-meaning church community. As a Christian woman enduring physical abuse from her husband, Rose Saad heard conflicting advice from her faith community. Here, Rose intertwines her own experiences with those of other abused women within the church to offer a much-needed guide for the abused Christian woman and her supporters.

If you are asking, “Why is my husband abusing me? Has God abandoned me? Do I have faith”? this book will provide:

  • courage and clarity
  • understanding of the Bible verses that have you locked in a spiritual dilemma
  • peace with your decision to break free

If you’re in an abused woman’s support network,  A Path to Hope will grant you new understanding of:

    • the abused woman’s behaviors
    • why she thinks the way she does
    • her spiritual struggles
    • her needs as she pursues help

You “can” move from abuse to freedom by applying His truth to your situation. There is “A Path to Hope.”

“A valuable contribution to an important cultural conversation.” –Rev. Zeke Wharton, Past President, Interfaith Community Against Domestic Violence

“A courageous book. . . . It’s time for the church to wade into these deep waters and offer abuse victims the protection they deserve.” –Steven D. Brand, MSW/MPH, LCSW, ACSW

Author Bio

Rose Saad, RN, is a Christian survivor of a physically abusive marriage. She speaks publicly on the topic of domestic violence while pursuing her master’s in pastoral counseling. Rose resides in Maryland.

Retail Price: $14.99