A Real Apprentice

Author: Graham Warner


“Jesus used stories, pictures, and a sense of fun to convey hard-hitting truths. Discover these uncovered principles in this book, and they could transform your life, as they have mine.”—BOBBY BALL, British comedian, actor, and television celebrity

“The reality of our love for Jesus is measured not by the intensity of our songs and prayers, but by the way we live Monday through Sunday. Graham Warner, a former colleague of mine, has always been radical in his approach to discipleship. Here, he explores what it means to live by Christ’s commands today. A must read for all serious followers of Jesus.”—GRAHAM KENDRICK, Christian Songwriter; composer of “Knowing You”, “Amazing Love”, “Shine Jesus Shine”, and many other popular worship songs. 

Jesus’ words have changed history and transformed millions of devoted followers. Some say His teachings are open to interpretation, when actually, His challenges are unmistakably straightforward. Jesus gave three hundred and three commands, or implied commands, in the Gospels. Here Graham Warner focuses on 101 of the life-changing principles to encourage you to dig deeper. 

The teachings of Jesus place greater emphasis on how we should behave rather than on what we should believe. This is a whole ‘life system,’ not just a ‘belief system.’ 

A Real Apprentice is a thought provoking Bible study which outlines what it means to be a real apprentice of Jesus; one who clings to every word the Lord speaks. In it Graham sets out to put Christ back into Christianity by demonstrating how Jesus calls a spade a spade and how He means what He says and says what He means.

“The more I read his challenges, the more amazed I became, and the more my desire grew to become a genuine follower of Jesus. His teaching began to change everything about me: my lifestyle, my personality, my theology, my job, my ambitions, my relationships—everything!”—Graham Warner, author