A Sacred Silence

ISBN: 9781940269801

Author: Ashlee S. Kinsel


A Novel

What price will Eliza be willing to pay for love, when love seems to only bring grief? Just when the twenty-four-year-old finally feels ready to move beyond the pain of losing her mother, Eliza receives an odd phone call from the attorney of her deceased grandmother, propelling her into a deeper exploration of grief and love.

As long-hidden secrets resurface, the legacy of her family could be at stake. Flung back into her grandmother’s mysterious past at the time of the Mexican Revolution, Eliza  must face the truth her beloved grandmother chose decades of silence to protect—until now. When past and present collide, can Eliza somehow come to terms with the intermingling of love and grief, for the sake of her family’s legacy . . . and for the sake of her own heart?

Author Bio

Ashlee Sallee Kinsel was born in South Texas and later shipped off to the mountains by her father for a taste of diversity at the University of Colorado, Boulder (BA, art history). She returned to her home state, working in advertising, retail, and investments. Today she lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, their three children, and a menagerie of pets. Ashlee works alongside her husband in their ranching and wildlife business, making hay while the sun shines, writing when the sun sets, and leading a women’s Bible study.

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