A Tale Divine in Rhythm and Rhyme

ISBN: 9781632695369

Author: Josh Wondra


A Tale Divine in Rhythm and Rhyme – The Bible in Verse

                             Book One: Genesis

Written by Josh Wondra and Illustrated by Rob Polivka

A Tale Divine in Rhythm and Rhyme – The Bible in Verse functions as both a wonderful read-aloud text to be read to children and a biblically accurate reader for children to read themselves.

Vividly illustrated and meticulously crafted in a poetic style, while appealing to young readers, this is the Bible as it has never been rendered before. This first volume covers the entire book of Genesis, from Adam and Eve and the fall of Mankind to the eve of Israel’s dramatic Exodus from Egypt.

This book began as a learning exercise as the author endeavored to explain to his Russian-speaking students how rhyme and meter were used in the English language.

Designed primarily as a reading aid and an educational tool, it has been created with the following ideas in mind:

1) Reading should be a fun experience.

2) It is not necessary to simplify the Bible to make it understandable for young audiences.

3) Pronounceability leads to usability. Children do not naturally have a harsh distinction between hard and easy words. Either a word is familiar or unknown. There is no need to shy away from advanced vocabulary if it is explainable.

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