ISBN: 9781632695277

Author: Ruth Billings



A Novel

Sue had delayed going through her mom’s stuff after her death. Just going into her mom’s room made her depressed. She wasn’t surprised to find that her mom had kept her dad’s letters, but it was many months after her mom’s death that she found them.

Sue found more than just her dad’s letters tucked away in the bundle of papers, though, and the other note she found didn’t make any sense to her at all. She determined that it must have confused her mom also. Otherwise, surely, her mom would have told her about it years ago.

Sue had never known her dad, Joe de Cou, because he had been declared Missing in Action just after she was born. But subsequent odd events suggested he might not have died. Decades later, she was determined to find out—to go on a quest for her own peace of mind. She just wanted to know for sure what had happened to him.

About Ruth Billings

Ruth Billings is a retired missionary with a lifetime of stories to tell about life in the Philippines and God’s goodness through the years. As a missionary child sent to boarding school, she honed her writing skills on her weekly letters home. As a young mother, she used the skills acquired from her dress design studies to affordably attire her children in the most fashionable styles. She and her husband, Dave, moved with their three young children to the Philippines, where they served faithfully over the next four decades. She was honored and recognized in 2001 by CB International for thirty-eight years of faithful missionary service to the Philippines. Ruth now lives in McMinnville, Oregon.

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