American Evangelicals and Modern Israel

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ISBN: 9781940269757

Author: Frederic M. Martin


A Plea for Tough Love

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.” Evangelical Christians are often reminded of God’s strong proclamation to Abraham and his descendants, recorded in Chapter 12 of Genesis. And we continue to be taught that to criticize or even question modern Israel’s policies is to invite God’s judgment.

Early in his Christian life, author Frederic Martin endorsed this popular pro-Israeli position. But over thirty-six years of pastoral ministry, he slowly—reluctantly—realized that most evangelicals understand little of the Holy Land’s past and present. They’ve been misled about God’s promise to Abraham and the teaching of the Old Testament prophets.

American Evangelicals and Modern Israel: A Plea for Tough Love makes a clear case: Christians need not turn against Israel, but it’s time for us to turn from our unquestioning, uncritical, and unconditional support of modern Israel. It’s time to reconsider the unqualified support we presently give to that nation’s unjust policies.

Author Bio

Frederic Martin did not want to become a “professional Christian.” Just believing in Jesus was good enough. So he was surprised when, after graduating from Vanderbilt University (BA in history, religion, and philosophy), God led him first to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MDiv, DMin) and then to a pastorate where he served for thirty-six years. During those years, he read—early in the morning and late at night, in shopping centers while his wife took care of practical necessities, and in school parking lots as he waited to pick up their four children. He even remembers the book he took along with him on his honeymoon. Fred loves to study the Bible, theology, and history, as well as the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the careers of his favorite Indy 500 drivers. Fred and his wife, Berta, live in northern Minnesota.

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