Any Way You Slice It

ISBN: 978-1937756420

Author: Ricardo Richardson


Getting to the Core to Discover God’s Purpose

“Purpose is a gift not to be pursued or achieved, but one that must be received. The purpose of one’s life is like a parable hidden in created man that can only be explained or revealed by God, the Creator of man.” –Ricardo A. Richardson

Do you ever feel trapped, frustrated or empty? Have you been searching—unsuccessfully—for happiness and identity in your career or in your relationships? Perhaps you even question whether your life has meaning. In Any Way You Slice It, author Ricardo Richardson confirms that looking to creation for fulfillment will never satisfy. But Ricardo has some sweet, juicy news to share: You are no accident; you were not born by chance. And it was God’s good pleasure to plant the seeds of your unique purpose deep within you.

Seeds are planted to reap life. You’ll find joy in discovery, as you learn to peel away your narrow preconceptions so your Creator can reveal what He had in mind for your life all along. Ricardo points out that, while your reputation is what others think about you, your identity is what God, your Creator, knows about you. If you’re focusing on building your reputation instead of confirming your identity, you’re missing out on the choicest fruit. The Bible has a lot to say about you. Any Way You Slice It will help you go to the core to discover biblical truth about your life’s meaning—to unlock new vision and to experience God’s powerful provision for the purpose-filled life he planted within you.

Editorial Reviews

“Any Way You Slice It is a blueprint for living a life for and on purpose. I understand the challenges that life can bring as I lead the redevelopment professional basketball in the UK. But I also understand that once purpose exists, every challenge can and will be overcome. Richardson helps uncover the purpose each of us has that will drive us to do what we were meant to do.” -Ron Scott, commissioner, British Basketball Association

Author Bio

Ricardo Richardson is an international speaker, author, entrepreneur and restaurateur. He is the owner of Asante Restaurant, along with celebrity Chef Marvin Woods. Asante is a fine dining coastal soul restaurant located in downtown Atlanta, GA. Mr. Richardson has co-founded publicly traded companies focusing in capital finance, business management and nutritional science. He was the former CEO of the Continental Basketball Association, founded in 1946 and the former developmental league for the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is the Vice Chairman for Water For Life Global. He grew up in Nassau, Bahamas and attended St. John’s University in Minnesota on a basketball scholarship. After working as an actuary and co-founding RealMed (one of the largest electronic healthcare administration systems in the US), Ricardo combined his business acumen with his love for sports, becoming the CEO of the Continental Basketball Association (CBA).Ricardo is married to his high school sweetheart, Candice; and they have three children, Raven, Zion and Imani.

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