Avoiding a Parental Freak-Out

ISBN: 9781632695529

Author: Michael J. Bozack


Straight Talk from College Professor to Christian Parent

Students across America have learned that the transition from high school to college is one of the toughest assignments they have ever received. And, for a Christian student, achieving success in a secular university is even harder. Did you know that . . .

  • Only ~ 32% of high school seniors graduate with the skills they need for college.
  • Only ~ 20% of entering college students have the basic quantitative skills necessary to compare ticket prices or calculate the cost of food.
  • By the end of their freshman year ~ 30% of college students drop out.
  • The four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is currently 33%. The six-year rate is 58%.
  • More than 85% of college students feel overwhelmed and 51% report that “things are hopeless.”

Christian students are not immune to the bad statistics. They should be our best college students, but many are falling prey to the same forces that derail secular students. What is a parent to do?

Help is here! In this book, we give Christian parents the straight scoop on how to prepare your kids for college. Far more Christian students end up at secular colleges and universities than Christian colleges, but there are few resources to help parents. We show you what to do, what to avoid, what critical information you need, and which battles to fight. We offer tons of talking points to share with your kids. And best, we save you sleep, frustration, money, heartaches, pints of Baskin-Robbins double chocolate, and hours of watching the Hallmark Channel to chill out.


Author Bio:

Michael J. Bozack is professor of physics at Auburn University (AU). He received his B.S. and M.S. in physics from Michigan State University, a Ph.D. in surface physics from Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU), and a M.A. in theology from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, OR. Dr. Bozack has received numerous college teaching awards and teaches the popular Mythbusters physics course at AU, recognized as one of the top college courses in America. He is a committed Christian, scientist, and educator with a dynamic life story. For years, he taught a large, weekly singles Sunday school class at First Baptist Church, Atlanta, home of In Touch Ministries and Dr. Charles F. Stanley. Currently, he serves the Lord with Pastors Brent and Bill Purvis at Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, GA.


This is THE book every Christian parent will treasure! Anything Dr. Bozack writes is “gold in wisdom and experience,” as this standout professor proves again. He asks questions no one asks and provides answers like few can. This isn’t just a book, it’s a wise investment for the Christian parent!

Dr. Bill Purvis, President, BPLeadership

Pastor Emeritus, Cascade Hills Church, Columbus, GA



Watching each of our daughters leave for college was the most challenging parental experiences of our lives. How we wish we had this book then! My friend, Dr. Michael Bozack, speaks honestly about the road every student and their parents face when entering the academic world. I highly recommend this book.”

Phil Waldrep

Phil Waldrep Ministries, Decatur, AL



After 33 years of working on college campuses, I still believe that college students are the hope of the World. Dr. Bozack wants to help parents equip their Christian students to thrive in the college environment, not just survive. Apply his encouraging words and see your children bloom as they bless others with the Hope of Jesus Christ! Give this book as a gift to every parent who has high school kids!”

John Lancaster

Senior Field Staff, Cru Global/Faculty Commons, Clemson University



There is no one more academic or professorial than Dr. Michael Bozack—and we’re talking math and science! And… there is no one with more understanding of what the Christian student is going through as he or she is trying to get their feet on the ground in a secular university. Dr. Bozack has led sessions in our Let’s Get Ready for College events in our church. Not only would he teach break-out sessions, he would attend sessions led by others during his breaks. You will find this book to be practical, helpful, and distinctly Christian.”

Pastor Derek Gentle

Tallassee First Baptist Church, Tallassee, AL

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