Backcut, a Novel by C.S. Levesque

ISBN: 9781940269283

Author: Cynthia Soule Levesque


Greed . . . Environmental fraud . . . Murder?
Starry-eyed college graduate and environmental activist Lisa Stone just landed her dream job at a premier logging company in Washington State. She’s passionate about her faith, her family, and protecting the natural world God provided.

But quickly, Lisa’s idealism is turned on its end as she finds herself at the center of a deadly mystery and questioning whether her new employer is indeed eco-friendly. No longer certain who she can trust, and oblivious that she holds vital information to unlocking the mystery of a deadly childhood disease, Lisa becomes embroiled in a life-or-death struggle. On her desperate mission to expose the villains involved in the cover-up, Lisa finds herself transformed: Now she’s a thief, a liar, and a pistol-packer. With her life—and the lives of hundreds of diseased children—hanging in the balance, the young environmental scientist must draw on spiritual strength to overcome the far-reaching impact of evil.

Set among the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, Backcut weaves ethical and romantic conflict with a medical drama, for a unique and suspenseful page-turner.

Author Bio

Cynthia Soule Levesque (MCM, Wayland Baptist University, San Antonio, TX; MS, environmental management, University of Texas at San Antonio, TX; BS, biology, Texas A&M University) has always loved science, writing, and foreign missions. After serving as a missionary teacher in Central America right after college, she combined her scientific curiosity and her passion for trying to keep the planet clean in a career in environmental management. She retired early, as God called her back to the mission field; she and her husband lived in China for four years, where she taught English at a college and for the registered Protestant Chinese church. Cynthia and her husband now live in San Antonio, Texas, and enjoy their ten grandchildren.

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