Becoming His Masterpiece

ISBN: 9781632695376

Author: Sharon Collins


Fifty-Two Devotional and Abstract Art Pairings to Encourage You on Your Lifelong Journey

Becoming His Masterpiece is a unique devotional book that purposefully pairs stunning abstract art with Christian devotionals to provide readers with encouragement and spiritual sustenance along the life-long discipleship journey.  Author/artist, Sharon Collins shares the profound spiritual lessons God is teaching her as a new painter and writer.  Sharon writes with energy and her vivid paintings reflect a relationship with Jesus Christ. Becoming His Masterpiece includes fifty-two devotional/painting pairings, providing year-long nourishment for the journey of a lifetime.

At the age of sixty-seven, Sharon Collins felt unprepared to answer God’s call on her life to create an online artistic devotional. She had little painting experience, knew nothing about websites, and had written few devotionals. In 2018, God reminded Sharon that He was the Author and Painter, and her job was to listen. Sharon soon realized she listened best while exercising in her pool. It was a place where God gave her constant inspiration and ideas for devotionals and paintings—she even bought a wetsuit to swim in the winter!

Ultimately, God used Sharon’s unlikely source of writing and painting for His glory, so that others would be drawn towards God’s beautiful design for them. Woven through the devotionals is a key truth: spending time with God nourishes the soul and feeds one’s journey. Using frequent biblical references, Sharon writes with energy and candor about topics such as trust, submission, obedience, and perseverance. Sharon invites readers to join her in a visually stunning and refreshingly written devotional. Becoming His Masterpiece will appeal to Christian art lovers.

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Author Bio:

Sharon Collins’ life is proof of the adage, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.” She never envisioned herself as an author or artist. After a career using her brain’s left-side, she retired with plans of enjoying new grandchildren and providing leadership for women’s Bible study at her church. But God had plans for her brain’s right-side. In March 2018, five months after her first painting class, Sharon felt the Lord’s call to create a website to post devotionals paired with her paintings. Although totally unequipped for this task, God faithfully provided for each of Sharon’s needs to respond to his calling. When not painting and writing, Sharon and her husband, Ron, love to travel. Current count is 45+ countries and all seven continents. Sharon also loves to spoil her four grandkids who know that their “Nonni” will give them ice cream for breakfast. Sharon Collins has a BA from Oklahoma Baptist University. She lives in Houston, TX, where she regularly posts and displays devotional and art pairings on her website:


Sharon’s art pieces communicate the principals of Scripture from a fresh, inviting, and delightfully whimsical perspective. Her first-person writing style makes readers feel as though they have taken a seat at her breakfast table, listening as she shares wisdom gained from her personal journey with God and her knowledge of His Word. Her art and her words draw us in. Sharon stirs our spiritual hearts with her stories and reveals the deep things of God with her art.”

Mindy Ferguson, Author and Bible Teacher, Fruitful Word Ministries, Inc.


Cultivating the practice of being with God is both gift and discipline. For some it is a journey of delight, and for others it is one of faithful practice. Sharon has animated both of these attitudes in her writing and with her art. She’s given her readers a way of being with God in imaginative ways, inviting all of us to deepen this spiritual relationship that has breathed life into her journey and her art. This is a beautiful reflection of God at work through Sharon’s reflections. Read, reflect, and find delight in these words and through her art.

Karen E. Parchman, Ph.D., Director, Talent and Leadership for Vision Fund, a ministry of World Vision, International


Sharon reminds us that we are today both divinely inspired masterpieces and emerging masterpieces. Her creative works open the mind and heart to receive and then recall God’s truths, interpreted through her own journey. Both “sides” of our minds are activated and blessed through her personal, approachable and transparent gifts of reflection and creativity.

Michael J. Montel, Ph.D., President and CEO, Living Water International


Sharon’s creativity is both artistically appealing and instructive.  Her work subtly asks us to take a fresh look at Biblical principles.  Each devotional is a story within the larger narrative of God’s desire for a relationship with us.  These insights demand reflection and thereby fresh appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.  The Psalmist said, “Be still and know that I am God.”  In the vernacular, that means loosen your tight-fisted grip on life and recognize the Providence of God.  Thanks Sharon, for helping me do just that.

The Rev. Dr. David McKechnie, Interim Pastor, Carmel Presbyterian, Charlotte, NC. and Pastor Emeritus, Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX 


Christians have classically compared the Bible to a pair of glasses: Its message brings authoritative clarity to human experience and God’s work in the world.  Sharon Collins’ devotional thoughts, paired with her paintings, work similarly in opening vistas for the individual’s life before God.  Her inspiring reflections on biblical truth and her insightful paintings are two portals for gaining perspective on what she calls “the journey of a lifetime.

Andrew Dearman, Professor of Old Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary


When we think of historical masterpieces we may consider Leonardo de Vinci’s, Mona Lisa or Rembrandt’s, The Return of the Prodigal Son. However, in this collection of devotionals, Sharon uses her words to paint an exquisite portrait of how we can embrace being God’s masterpieces. Living with holy expectations we have the transformational privilege to be the frames that hold and carry Jesus into the world. As you take time to gaze on the words of each page, may you see with clarity the depth of God’s love for you. Thank you, Sharon, for the beautiful reminders that God is not done with us yet.”

The Rev. Dr. Trey H. Little, Senior Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

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