Beyond Rubber Duckies

ISBN: 978-1937756932

Author: Judy Ann Mumford


Dr. Judy Ann Mumford has spent years counseling and consoling battle-weary parents. Driven by concern over adolescents’ risky and potentially life-altering behaviors, she began an impassioned search for answers to “why smart kids make dumb choices.” Based on Mumford’s firm conviction that what parents do today has the potential to greatly affect their children tomorrow, this book presents practical guidelines to help parents, as well as others who are concerned for the well-being of children, to intentionally and thoughtfully set a successful life course for themselves and their children.

Parents are keenly aware of their challenges, especially as their children enter the pre-teen and teen years. Born out of a great passion for children, Dr. Mumford,  in Beyond Rubber Duckies, offers needed support and encouragement. Unlike many parenting “manuals,” this book does not present simplistic formulas and solutions. Instead, the author challenges readers to rely on biblically-based principles and sound parenting practices to set and achieve goals that are unique to their own family’s values, beliefs, and needs.