Beyond the Fairy Tale

Beyond the Fairy Tale cover
ISBN: 9781940269443

Author: Dr. Missy T. Kifetew


An Appeal for Sexual Purity

Parents, there’s no point hushing the topic of sex. Our pre-teens will see and hear confusing and inaccurate messages about their sexuality, through the media and among their peers. All around them, casual “hook-ups” are the new the relational norm. But we can win the hearts of our girls with a message of purity, by bringing the topic out into the light and offering the straightforward answers they need to make informed choices.

Dr. Missy Kifetew remembers her own frustration in not being able to find the answers about sex she sought as a young girl. So here she writes with a tone of love, understanding, and honesty, as if penning a letter to her own daughter. In fact, she is. Her desire to equip her own daughter to pursue a sexually pure life inspired this book!

In Beyond the Fairy Tale, girls will learn about the two basic necessities that prepare them to live sexually pure. They’ll see how the beauty of God’s creation is reflected in them and in His design for their sexuality. And they’ll be equipped to avoid the dire consequences of sex apart from God’s plan.

Rather than a list of dos and don’ts, this book helps girls understand how and why God is for sex and pleasure . . . within the safe and loving boundary of marriage he designed. What our girls know and don’t know about sex will make a lasting difference in their lives—like the difference between darkness and light. Each chapter includes reflection questions. Parent Guide and Leader Guide are available for download on the author’s website, to help strengthen communication with youth on the topic of sex.

Author Bio

Dr. Missy T. Kifetew earned her doctorate from the University of Maryland Pharmacy School. She is a full-time mother, a part-time pharmacist, and a part-time minister. Missy helps lead the family ministry at a large church in Washington DC. As founder of Appeal for Purity, she is a sought-after writer, speaker, and teacher on the topic of sexual intimacy and sexual purity. Missy and her husband live with their three children in Glenn Dale, MD.

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