Biblical Economic Policy

ISBN: 9781632695574

Author: David Arnott & Sergiy Saydometov


Ten Scriptural Truths for Fiscal and Monetary Decision-Making

What does the Bible say about economics? A lot. What about socialism, which is becoming an increasingly common concern in US economic policy discussions?

In Biblical Economic Policy, Arnott and Saydometov build a biblical framework for analyzing national economic policy that takes on everything from taxes to spending to tariffs to minimum wage. The Bible has something to say about all these critical present-day issues, and this book explains how to apply it to 21st-century policies.

Authors Dave Arnott and Sergiy Saydometov hold up the mirror of the Bible and ask their fellow Christians, “Is this the way we’re supposed to run a biblical economy?”

What the book is not:

  • It is NOT a financial advice book.
  • It is NOT about how to apply business principles at work.
  • It is NOT about stewardship or giving.
  • It is NOT about how to run your business for the glory of God.

Biblical Economic Policy takes the macroeconomic view and analyzes how well America’s economic policies align with biblical principles.

This book tackles difficult present-day economic policies, including taxes, spending, national debt, interest rates, and money supply.

Written with sound biblical grounding, in accessible language, Biblical Economic Policy will turn the common reader into a biblical economic analyst.

Author Bio:

David Arnott visited 55 countries and asked the question, “What does the Bible have to say about the economic policies that make these countries rich or poor?” This book applies the answers to US economic policy. His students at Dallas Baptist University appreciate the simplicity of his economic analysis. You will too. “The Professor and Ginger” live on a small farm south of Dallas, where they board horses and entertain their seven grandkids. Biblical Economic Policy is Dave Arnott’s fourth book.

From being born in Soviet Ukraine to witnessing Ukraine’s independence after USSR collapse to then living as an international student in the US, Sergiy Saydometov’s life journey has been nothing short of a miracle. Having gone from poverty in the state-controlled economy to the free market in the US, Sergiy appreciated experiencing firsthand “the fruits” brought forth when biblical principles are applied in economics. He enjoys teaching his students at Dallas Baptist University practical ways of applying those principles, and now shares his unique perspective on the value of the free market in Biblical Economic Policy. Sergiy also loves spending time with his wife and their four children, playing chess, reading, and swimming.


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