Blair’s Gap

Blair's Gap Cover
ISBN: 9781632694454

Author: David V. Burdick


Silencing a Multi-Generational Curse

David Burdick’s tumultuous quest for the spiritual began with family séances, psychic readings, ghostly apparitions, and the summoning of familiar spirits. Although his mother was a devout Catholic who dutifully took her children to church every Sunday, she was innocently naive in matters of spiritual discernment and lacked a complete understanding of scripture. David’s father was a practicing agnostic who went to church only on Christmas to please his mother. He unknowingly carried with him his own religious baggage, personal demons, and a multi-generational curse that David would eventually inherit.

Blair’s Gap: Silencing a Multi-Generational Curse is the triumphant story of David’s search to find the universal truth of God, to replace embedded fear and bondage with Christ’s love and salvation. This is his story to conquer the temptations of this world and end a family curse. “Blair’s Gap” does not refer to a specific location as much as a personal point of awareness that demands life-changing decisions with eternal consequences. Through David’s story, readers will experience God’s overcoming grace and mercy and begin to understand their own spiritual journey that only comes through the truth of Scripture.

We are each born with a God-shaped void that we instinctively try to fill with whatever we can find. As David Burdick shows us through his own personal journey in Blair’s Gap, nothing can fill this void except God through Christ. We must stop to define the void before we can seek to fill it. Blair’s Gap is intended to help the reader to define, recognize, and fill their God-shaped void.

Author Bio

David V. Burdick is the son of a mother who assured him that he could do almost anything and a father who believed that he couldn’t do anything without screwing it up, so I guess he might be good at a couple things. Thankfully, David chose writing and God chose David through Christ to share His ministry. David openly shares his writings with strangers as he is led by the Holy Spirit and thereby opens the door to further discussion of Christ. He has come to believe that this is his ministry and it is how God will use him in the fulfillment of His purpose for him. David has been married to his lovely wife Ann for over thirty years, has two adult sons who live in upstate New York, and supports himself as a Nuclear Corrective Actions Program Consultant.

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