Can I Still Believe in Heaven?

Can I Still Believe in Heaven? cover image
ISBN: 9781632694287

Author: Dan Quello


What Every Heart Longs to Know

Most all of us have questions about Heaven—some of us, since childhood. While some have learned to live with their questions, others of us ponder them still. We want to know: Where is Heaven? What part of us survives death? Is it just an illusion, as some suggest? And what about all of the different expressions of an afterlife—reincarnation, resurrection, the immortality of the soul? Are they just different expressions of a similar truth?

Author, emergency room chaplain, and practical theologist Dan Quello examines how our evolving worldviews have impacted our thinking about Heaven throughout history. Dan guides us through The Age of Magic, The Age of Religion, and The Age of Science, right up to today’s fascination with such practices as cryogenic freezing and the uploading of digital copies of our conscious self.

In writing about Heaven, Dan takes a sensitive approach, understanding that these beliefs, for many of us, are sacred. At the same time, he chooses to investigate with openness and honesty, giving consideration to all points of view—those of skeptics as well as believers.

Knowing from where our notions about Heaven have come makes us better able to arrive at a peace regarding our own life’s destiny. With that as our aim, this book prepares us to ask Can I Still Believe in Heaven?

Author Bio

Dan Quello is a writer and minister who makes his home in Portland, Oregon. A graduate of The Texas Medical Center’s Institute of Religion, Dan served as an emergency room chaplain in the world renowned Trauma Center at Ben Taub Hospital. With two master’s degrees (MDiv, Luther Seminary; MTh, Brite Divinity School), Dan has also served four church congregations up and down the West Coast. He also achieved the rank of major with the Washington State Civil Air Patrol.

Dan enjoys a love of family with his beautiful wife, Jacque, four children, and seven grandchildren. An avid outdoorsman, Dan enjoys lawn tennis, biking, and skiing. A shared passion for landscaping and restoration led Dan and Jacque to spend years restoring their 115-year-old Victorian farmhouse, and, in 1994, National Trust Magazine awarded them the prestigious Great American Home Award. In his writing and ministry, Dan has a heart for practical theology—applying the truths of Scripture to everyday questions and concerns. He previously published the series Books That Help the Hurts of Children.

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