Confident Faith

Author: Lawrence Brice


Some call God the First Cause of the universe. Others, the Intelligent Designer… the God of the Bible… Jesus Christ…the God Who calms life’s storms. What will you call Him?

Forged in the best universities in the world and tempered by the author’s personal testimony throughout, this book answers – with bold evidence – these pivotal questions:

  • Can we prove the existence of God from the natural world around us?
  • How reliable are the biblical accounts of Jesus’s words and actions?
  • Does the same Savior, who once calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee, still live to calm our storms today?

In a style that is both scholarly and warmly engaging, Dr. Brice enters this age-old debate – more relevant now than ever – without shying away from current scientific and philosophical arguments against the existence of God.

Pull up a comfortable armchair by the hearth alongside Dr. Larry Brice, and consider the compelling evidence. Then step back out into your world, armed with a Confident Faith in God.