Author on the Rise: Nanette Kirsch
ISBN: 9781632694416

Author: Nanette Kirsch


Abuse, Addiction, and a Life Derailed: Based on a True Story

Denial is the true-life story of David Wagner, a married father of five children and millionaire entrepreneur. He gives generously to family, friends and causes he believes in, and he is easily the funniest guy in the room. Yet beneath his boisterous, carefree shell the lingering effects of sexual abuse he suffered by a priest at age 12 lure him into a secretive double life that ultimately consumes him.

David prays daily for forgiveness, but never feels worthy of God’s gift of grace. Fear fuels his denial, the fear that even God can’t love the broken, sinful person he has become…until one day the truth will be denied no more.

Denial is a gritty, yet ultimately hopeful true-life story, told to inspire survivors of childhood sexual abuse to break its spiritual stronghold and embrace an abundant life of wholeness and peace.

Wagner’s roller-coaster life points to larger truths that provide guidance, hope, and healing to other victims and their loved ones. One, denial gives childhood sexual abuse a stronghold over the lives of survivors. Two, there is a crucial connection between abuse and the persistent, distorted thoughts and compulsive behaviors that many survivors grapple with in adulthood, including substance abuse; sexual addiction; verbal, emotional or physical abuse in relationships; depression; and far too often, suicide.

Denial confronts these difficult truths with honesty and compassion in the life of Wagner and his family with the goal of empowering others to break free of the past and embrace a life of wholeness and peace.

Author Bio

Growing up Nanette Kirsch was the kid unafraid to shout, “The Emperor has no clothes!” As she matured, she learned the valuable lesson that “grace and truth come through Jesus Christ” …always together. (John 1:17) Her passion for living out Ernest Hemingway’s directive to “write the truest sentence you know” led her to major in journalism at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pa., and to pursue a career in communication.

Today she serves as an outsourced marketing executive, helping companies discover and express the essence of their brand identities. In her blog, “Faith Runner: Journeying to the heart of what is true,” Nanette shares life lessons she’s learned walking with God as a wife, mother of four children, working woman, and Christian witness.

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